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So, you like to express your opinion about the topics that keep you up at night. This is the best opportunity where we invite new writers to write guest blog post with a new and fresh perspective. Submit a guest post and polish your fresh idea with a rough edge into a flawless gem. Get an opportunity to reach out to thousands of your peers and gain the greater opportunities that may take your skill at another level.

What We’re Looking For

There are many blogs looking for guest posts online and with this opportunity, you can get online visibility. All you have to do is to submit a guest article for our consideration. You may submit a short pitch, a partial draft, a rough draft of various guest post blogs with its outline. You can also submit guest blog that is complete and seek feedback.

Before you submit your guest post, you need to make sure that it is 100% original. Kindly remember, you should not submit guest post that is already posted on any other guest blog sites. Before you write a guest post for our site, you need to check our recent articles and style guide in order to format and structure your article before submission.

What We Publish

We are a group of blogs looking for guest posts on a variety of topics that relates to social media. You can submit the ideas about a variety of topics or submit guest post with a unique perspective. You can also write and submit a guest blog posting on any topic in which you are interested in. We have only a few conditions. The blog should be of the highest quality and have a minimum 1000 words. Moreover, your topic should be related to social media.

How To Submit (and What Happens Next)

Click the contact form now and contact us with your topic and interest. We will get back to you with suggestions.

Here’s What Happens After You Send Us Article For Review

The article will be reviewed by an editor and he will make the decision about its eligibility. The second step is article review by the whole team once a week. The next step is collection of team feedback and reverting to the writer with notes. The writer is required to address the feedback and send the revised draft. It is again reviewed by the team who gives feedback regarding the acceptance of the article.

If accepted for publishing, an editor will collaborate with the writer regarding style, argumentation and organization. As soon as revisions are complete, the editor will schedule the guest post for publishing. Until the article is completely ready to go live, it is not possible to offer a publication date.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guest Post Publishing At Our Site

What should I write about?

When you write for us guest post, you can write about any topic related to social media network sites such as how-to-guides.

What about the payment?

As a policy, we publish high-quality articles free. If you require blunt advertising or sponsoring, we enquire about the paid guest post.

Can I post my submission on my blog?

No, we retain the copyright of the web design blog guest post that has been published on our website. As a policy, we do not allow its publishing on any other website or blog.

When I submit guest post, what should be its minimum length?

The minimum length should be 1000 words.

Why should I use Google Docs to submit?

The main reason for using Google Docs is easy collaboration with other people in the team without sending an email. If you have never used it before, read these instructions.

Tip: Use the Google Docs for creating web design submit guest post rather than using Word to write and then uploading it on Google Docs. By using the latter method, the writer cannot do editing with the editor.

Do I need to pitch the idea before writing the article?

You can pitch your idea or you can also present us a draft.

Can I include the links to my article?

As a part of the policy, our site allows one ‘nofollow’ link in the bio of the author. All the links in the article should relevant to the content. If you need follow link - please mention in the your message.

Do I need to include a headline?

It would be great. Normally, we reserve the right for tweaking the headline for various purposes such as style, SEO or to get more attention. The inclusion of the headline will make our job easy.

Do I need to include a image for article ?

It is preferable, but not compulsory.

Can I include my photo?

It is preferable, but not compulsory.
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