4 Apps to Help Increase Your Twitter and Instagram Followers

4 Apps to Help Increase Your Instagram and Twitter Followers

Over the last couple of years, Instagram and Twitter have gained huge popularity among businesses of different industries. Today, a lot of businesses are using these two most popular social networks to expand their business worldwide.

However, social media advertisers are also relying on getting more Instagram and Twitter followers to build their social signals to the search engine. By increasing the number of followers on Twitter and Instagram can impact your business marketing performance; however, oftentimes, it can involve a tedious process.

If you are also looking forward to increasing your Instagram and Twitter followers, you can use the right apps that will help your brand to expand its reach and visibility, connect with influencers, hone in on your digital target audience and develop your brand awareness.

Here are the Top Applications to Boost Your Instagram and Twitter Followers

Followers for Instagram

Followers for Instagram is one of the best and easy-to-use apps that list of who you are following, who follows you, new followers, unfollowers, users, who are not following back and who are not following you back.

Through this application, you can easily identify people, who have unfollowed you or not followed you back, and unfollow them if you choose. It will help maintain your following-to-followers ratio and can help keep your timeline clean.

Apart from this, you can also see, who you do not follow; however, may want to check out these people’s profiles to see if you are interested in their content.

Follower Insight for Instagram

Follower Insight for Instagram is the perfect Android and iPhone application for users. The app provides a complete insight about your followers as it is one hundred percent free, so there are no extra functions for which a one should pay, although it is now common among such applications.

Moreover, the application has a pleasant individuality that is the capability to make the screens of your new followers. However, people like to be acknowledged so such screens can help users to gain the loyalty of your followers and considerably reduce the number of potential unfollowers. It is feature that called as a “shoutout”.

The design of this app is as simple as 24/7. It will certainly appeal to many users, because of its simplicity. Download Follower Insight and start getting some useful insight about Instagram followers right now!


Talking about Crowdfire, it is your super-smart marketing sidekick application that will help users to grow online every single day. There are millions of small businesses, writers, artists, influencers, sellers, freelancers, and self-employed individuals, who are using Crowdfire application to go big on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Shopify and many other platforms.
As you know that marketing is hard and it is important for you to focus on your work while Crowdfire does the marketing for you.

Now, there is no need to read those tutorials on how to get more traffic to your website or how to grow on Instagram or on Twitter, Crowdfire is the perfect solution for you.

Furthermore, Crowdfire is one such app that can do a lot of things for you like:

Curate Posts

Are you working hard to keep your timeline active? The application will automatically find content that your audience will like and love to check out. It will post it across all your social media accounts at the best time to keep your audience engaged.

Smart Posts 

Now, you can drive even more traffic to your website, blog, online shop with attractive posts that the app will create based on your content to post at the right moments.

Instant Reports

You can easily monitor your accounts across the clock and search for new ways to reach your goals and more sales.

Followers+ for Instagram

When it comes to Followers+ for Instagram, this application is no different than from other applications. This app shows you new followers, unfollowers, fans and more. Followers+ for Instagram has the capability to detect your best posts that are liked most by followers.

In addition to this, it will also allow you to view statistics of your followers’ activity and enormous other things that are important. The app also has scheduling posts for users.

The major benefit of using the Followers+ for Instagram application is its attractive design, so you can choose which app suits your requirements and taste best for your needs. However, the app is also obtainable for both Android and iPhone, so users can track followers easily.

So, these are the top four applications that will help you to boost Instagram and Twitter followers easily. However, if you also have one such app idea in your mind that you wanted to convert into reality, you can hire a veteran mobile app development company that has team of proficient mobile app developers.
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