How To increase Karma On Reddit

How To increase Karma On Reddit

If you are into online business, your prime aim is to acquire traffic to your site. This may sound simple in words, but it takes the real hard time to attract traffic to a site.

There are many methodologies that have to be implemented and executed well, in order to rush the traffic inflow. Here comes into the picture the online marketing favorite “Reddit”, the best place to begin with your promotions.


Reddit is a social media community, the popular bookmarking site used for content and website marketing. It is used by the creators of websites for sharing their content in order to gain traffic.

Search Bar found on the Reddit front page helps you search if your possible niche is present or not.

The main idea behind the evolution of Reddit is to provide all the information at one place by dividing them into thousands of different categories termed as ‘Subreddits’ so as to help users obtain answers and efficient results for questions belonging to their niche. Members of Reddit are termed as “Redditors”.

Reddit is highly preferred and suitable for building links, but link building should not be your primary goal. Apart from only posting links, you must also put your focus on building your Karma on Reddit. The ways to achieve Karma are explained below. Let’s dig deeper into the concept:


Everything on Reddit is drawn by Karma, the usual upvotes and downvotes credited to each user.
Karma reflects how much good a user has done for the community. The best way to earn Karma is to submit links that are interesting and helpful to other users. It is represented in numbers beside your username.

The number under Karma means more authorized your account is and more attention other users pay for your posts and links.

Types Of Karma

There are two types of Karma: Link and Comment.

  • Link - By submitting Links.
  • Comment - By posting comments and replying to the comments published by others, on your posts.

Upvotes And Downvotes

An upvote probably means a positive sign that the post is good, whereas a downvote means the opposite. Every link and every post have an opportunity of getting either upvote or a downvote. Post with higher upvotes will have the highest rank in the Google for its relevant searching terms (either Title or Comment Section terms).

The post with the most score (i.e upvotes minus downvotes) will rise to the top of the page. As there is continuous fluctuations in the number of scores, the posts with the highest score gets updated constantly.

Being clear with the idea of Karma and upvotes.

Tips And Tricks For Karma

  • Posting links have to be done in the right way and at the right time so as to obtain traffic to your target website. Don’t be self-centered or self-focusing. Be open to the generic ideas of posting.
  • Share links with your friends soon after you post something, as this helps you develop traction.
  • When you post a link for the first time on Reddit, it acts as nofollow. But after you obtain certain upvotes (a minimum of 5), it turns into dofollow.

  • Having multiple and natural profile will make your links build stronger, attracting more users to your content.

  • Technical links are to crave for. And Reddit is no exception. The more technical you get, the more traffic you obtain. Whatever you post, make sure you get deeper into the technical side, so as to attract users and ultimately increase Karma.

  • Clicking on “TOP”, shows posts with highest Karma. The posts under this category give you an idea of what else better you can submit so as to earn the highest karma. 

  • Browse the top and hot pages of particular subreddit and make a point on how the most upvoted content is framed. It gives you a clear idea of a particular way in which you can design your content title and post it for getting higher traffic eventually.

  • Finding the right subreddit for posting your content link is an essential task. That is where your whole traffic comes from. 

  • It’s better to target smaller subreddits which are highly relevant where your post can reach the top, instead of a higher ranking subreddit, where you might not get enough upvotes. 

  • Find the subreddit that is relevant to your link/post. Relevant subreddit sidebar gives you an opportunity to explore at all the related subreddits with the most traffic to post your links and earn upvotes. After you search for a certain Subreddit, the suggested subreddits along with individual posts appears.

  • After posting a link/post on a particular subreddit, give it its own time to get settled, so that the upvotes and downvotes are managed properly and be sure to be in flow with the comments and responses you are getting for that post. After a week or two, post another new content.

  • Looking out for the people who need help and posting your answers to their questions might be a big icing on the cake. This way you get subscribers and upvotes to your content, apart from getting a pat on the back for sharing a helping hand. Woah!

  • Headline/ Title Says It All : Before going through the content, Headline is what people look for. So make sure your headline is catchy and interesting, being informative at the same time. Having a great and long title is of top priority when you want to get the traffic.Even if your content is interesting, but you have a poor title, it’s of no use. So make sure you give an exceptional title for your content. Spammy and in authenticating Titles may lead to shadow ban. So be vigilant with what you type in the Title bar.

  • Be gentle, honest and use decent grammar when you are replying to a comment. As you are already aware, Karma counts it all.

  • Images are by far the top most and best options to get a backlink. 

  • Sometimes you need to think out of the box to obtain huge Karma. For example, posting a unique image or information relating to the general world in the suitable niche, which excites the users, may help you get more Karma.

  • Safe Play : There is a certain time at which you can be active on Reddit. It is preferable to comment once in every 10 minutes and post something new for every hour.


Before beginning with Reddit, for link building, be cautious that, if you are here with an idea of approaching Reddit purely for getting BackLinks, and traffic to your site, then you are making a disaster and might even face the trouble of losing credentials of your account. This is because Reddit does not prefer you using it only for self-promotion. Neither it's users.

The verified users are always suspicious to go through your history. If you are utilizing different resources to post your content, then you are on the safe side. If else, be ready to lose your liability.


Redditors give you their time and attention, only when you provide them with something they value.

The secret behind successful marketing on Reddit is “not to market”. Yes. You heard it correct. This is the main strategy that needed to be applied for successful marketing through Reddit. If you have not yet started with Reddit for upgrading your online traffic. You must by now.

So be aware of the above rules for emerging as a successful Redditor. Happy Reddit-ing!!

Sirisha Paladhi recently obtained a graduation degree under the specification of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Her love and passion towards writing content has brought her to this field. Presently, she is working as a Content Writer at Mindmajix. She writes about various technology related issues. Her relishment relies in making handy-crafts in her pass time.

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