Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Tips for Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Marketing is the most important activity of any business, the main purpose of marketing is about creating awareness about the products being offered (primarily bringing products in the consumer’s attention), making the consumer’s buy that product and building relationship with them.

Without marketing, no one would ever know if a company’s product is existed. Marketing requires ample amount of money and time, which is often difficult for small companies to afford such as TV ads, Newspaper ads, Print Ads, Billboards, Sponsorships and Radio Ads. 

Small businesses need not to worry as for the most part these types of advertisements and marketing have become old fashioned now and considered as traditional marketing and there are a bunch of other innovative tactics that a small business can do with the help of social media platforms.

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

  • Social media uses the phenomena of virality, due to the large user base of the social media platforms, each ad or post or message spread within seconds, which is a great way to market products and services in a short duration of time. Facebook pages, groups, sponsored / paid ads and live videos and events are a great and easy ways to start with. Many small startups have become popular by Instagram, snapchat and twitter
  • Social media offers cool and amazing tactics for small business, which are not only low cost, but it will allow them to effectively use social media as their fast spreading marketing channel. 
  • Social media not only allows to spread about the product / service offering, current promotions, also deals but also it allows a direct communication with the consumers. Companies are closer to the consumers using social media as compared to the traditional marketing channels. 
  • Companies can directly communicate with the consumers and build relationship with them, answer their queries and solve their complaints in real time. Using various features can improve consumer’s engagement. 
  • Please note that just by posting an ad is not all, these days due to the social media things can be skipped out to customer minds therefore the key is to retain the product / services in consumer’s mind, which is done by engaging consumers. When a pool of consumer is engage then it is mostly likely that viewership will expand. 
  • Social media also provide a great platform to learn about the consumer behaviors, buying pattern and preferences. It gives a great opportunity to companies know their market and cater them in the same way as they are expecting.
  • It allows the companies to stay connected and monitor the response rate and reviews regarding their offerings, which also serves them in a great way to find out about the improvements they need to make in order to be more efficient in the industry. It can also be used to have an eye on the competitors in real time. 
  • Social media integration is a good way to manage marketing because each social media platform offers different features and users, therefore make the use of it. These days almost everything can be shared across different social media platform using plugins and extensions for instance companies can direct Facebook users to YouTube channels, twitter or Instagram.

Pitfalls Of Social Media Marketing

  • Every tactic or strategy comes with certain benefits and come cons too. None of business strategy is all cons free. Therefore, it is a wise decision to minimize them smartly. Following are the pitfalls and disadvantages of the social media marketing.
  • Social media uses buzz marketing, due to which the message spreads in no time. This is to consider that negative message spread faster than the positive one and people tend to believe quickly if something negative is being posted. Buying power of buyer is very strong on social media because their word of mouth can either make the market or break it. 
  • If a customer gets dissatisfied with the product or service, they can instantly post a negative review and it goes viral. Therefore, it is very necessary to have an eye on what is being spread by the consumers and there has to be a customer relationship mechanism to deal with such issues.
  • Cyber Crime is one of the issues being faced at the social media platform. Many companies take the advantage and misuse this medium for their benefit, which in return can manipulate the market for the companies who are dealing in honest way. Many consumers loose the trust on the companies dealing on online basis due to such scams and frauds.

Social media is full of clutter as well, where numerous users are sharing their posts and photos and companies are also using this medium for marketing. Chances are that the ad might get overlooked or get lost in the clutter, managing posts timings is to be determined carefully.

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