Smartphones And Schools

Smartphones and Schools

Odd comparison? Yes! But once you continue reading, you will surely understand the relationship between smartphones and schools. Visible as it is, this is the age of technology or the internet of things as the tech peeps say. Mobile phones, convertibles, tablets and forever widening the internet are some of the examples of the modern world’s tech tools.

They are in the homes, schools, offices, markets etc. however, their most crucial use is in schools and that’s what is discussed here.

What Smartphones Do?

They do everything. From the immediate text messages and calls response to the socializing through the millions of apps, smartphones do all the stuff for you. They wake you up. Get you ready. Keep the flow in your life. Online jobs and training programs are not so uncommon as they were in the past. Online transactions can help you save your time.

All this is a great achievement but excess of everything is bad and for students, it can be really damaging.

The Dark Side

The dark side of smartphones start with the students and teenagers in schools and most of the time, lingers on with them throughout their life. Smartphones in schools are the major source of online stalking, cyber-bullying, online predators, gaming addictions and bunch of other things, usually websites unsuitable for the students.

Smartphones, while on one hand help in keeping up with the society, on the other hand, they are draining the students off their morale, character, time, studies and morality. Students spend most of the time on social networking apps and try to live alternative lifestyles. This, in return, costs them everything. They lose their focus on their studies.

They can pay attention in class. Once in a while, there would be a student that could just can’t take it anymore and will end up committing suicide or dropping out from the college. Such things do happen and unfortunately, are increasing day by day.

Teenagers And Their Problems

As most of the time, the teenagers are seen to be having complete usage of mobile phones; it is the teenagers who fall prey to all the horrible things discussed above. Teenagers, with all the energy flowing in their bodies, tend to mess up with other students.

It may be bullying, groping, stalking or any such thing which not only takes lives but is also a constant threat to the education system. Smartphones and schools are two different things that need to be given their separate place. But how can you save your children from all this?

Your Way Out

Your only way out of this mess is the proper controlling of your children’s activities. From people they are talking to the pictures they are uploading, all should be in front of you. That may sound difficult but here’s the deal, all of this is just a click away.

What you need to do is look up a spy app over the internet and download it. TheOneSpy app for instance once downloaded will have you make an account where you will be able to see all the information from your child’s phone.

You will be able to see the calls and messages logs, social networking sites, camera pictures, shared photos and the locations they visit. In this way, not only you can make sure that your child is safe, but you can also keep him away from inappropriate websites.

All That You Need To Know

Similarly, if your child is addicted to some game, you can pause and start it at your will. This will give you much more control over their phone’s apps. If you want to know where they are, you can not only tap on their location but also hear the surrounding voices through the microphone.

With such powerful spying apps, you can ensure that your child is not being bullied or stalked or even falling a prey to online predators.

In addition to this, you can even see into your child’s online or offline friends by looking into their conversation and things they share. One of the most important things to look into is the pictures that are shared online or with friends as this is what is causing most of the horrible accidents nowadays.

With spy apps, you can keep your eyes open and keep control of what your child shares with others.


All of this concludes to the simple fact that your children are the most precious to you and you wouldn’t want them to stray from the right path. That is why; using spying apps like TheOneSpy app will help you in keeping the light on their way even when the surroundings are in complete darkness. You can make them see the light and ensure the proper use of smartphones. This will best for both of you. Good luck!

Aline Carrara is digital parenting expert and loves to write about social media privacies for children and cyber securities for business. To know more about her follow her on Twitter 
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