Salesforce: Pros and Cons of Choosing CRM for a Successful Business

Salesforce: Pros and Cons of choosing CRM for a Successful Business

Salesforce is an application development platform that allows development and deployment of custom business applications that can be configured and customized in different ways.

The design of CRM depends on particular business needs and can be adjusted for each specific business case. Surely the implementation of such smart system makes the search of new leads easier and speeds up the automation of internal sales processes. 

Sometimes advantages and disadvantages of the implementation are not obvious, appear to be subtle and difficult to define. Below you will find out our checklist to make a smart decision about Salesforce implementation demand.

What are the Pros of Salesforce CRM?


There is a huge range of report widgets that allow you analyze company`s performing from different perspectives. Salesforce enables quick customization for the most business processes and for different industries.

Cloud Solution

With Salesforce you can bring your company with you wherever you are just because it is placed in the Cloud. Thus, companies need fewer resources in the office to run the business. Each employee can access the CRM from all around the world and to contribute to the overall productivity.


It does not matter which browser does your company (or your employee that works remotely) use. Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Opera, Salesforce has their CRM supported on all major browsers. This makes very easy to use Social media function like Chatter, which can help businesses find collaboration.

Looking like popular social media makes it very familiar and easy to understand for users. Functionality like news viewing, status updates, links sharing, and files uploading is available right from the dashboard.

Quick start

You do not have to install any software. There are no hardware requirements either. Salesforce provides you with unique opportunity to run your business in just a couple of days. Cloud placement enables the rreal-time access to the data and increases the business efficiency minimizing response time.

Super-simple to manage

An intelligible navigation bar is placed at the top of the window. All tabs are separated into various categories, such as Home, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Forecasts Files, etc. As a result you reduce the cost of CRM usage through walking back the staff trainings.

Business Automation

Salesforce CRM allows you to run business more efficiency. Sales Managers can keep a close watch on ‘purchase funnel’, analyze it in detail and adjust sales strategy in accordance to the received information.

Efficient Management

You can track activities of your staff. Tasks, made calls, sent emails…you can easily put together all activities and to get a clear multidimensional picture of your progress, status of planned and completed tasks, as well as share the information with respective employees.

What are the Cons of Salesforce CRM?

Expensive Customization

Pricing also counts, particularly for some small businesses. If you prefer using third-party solutions or if you want to customize, you have to bear in mind extra costs.


Small companies that do not have dedicated sales or marketing team may not need such complex and powerful solution like Salesforce. It may be overwhelming for a business that does not even need such tool.

Interface transformations

It is no secret, that each update or release can dramatically change the dashboard placing or tabs order. So the administration process can turn into a nightmare for users because some well-known features can become difficult-to-discover.

Complicated technical support

It is very difficult to contact technical support of Salesforce in case of some questions. Sometimes it can take days to contact a responsible person. But it does not mean that you problem will be solved or your question will be answered right at the same time. Thus, many organizations prefer to work with third-party companies that take care about Salesforce support.

Intricate reporting

It may become really difficult to generate reports when using Salesforce. Even reporting of basic information can become a challenge. To take out the essential information of your performance you should be ready to make the step-by-step way of understanding the available functionality.


The above listed Salesforce advantages and disadvantages demonstrate that it is very important to have advanced knowledge of how you are going to use it. Salesforce functionality can improve the overall performance of the business, increase revenue and make the life of Sales reps much easier.

But sometimes the power-packed platform can be excessive for small business and become a financial yoke.

Anyway, Salesforce is ranked #1 of available CRM because of its capability, efficiency, and easy-to-use design. The great thing about Salesforce is that provides definite advantages to companies depending on their needs and helping them find out shortest ways to solve unique sets of problems and demands.

If you feel that Salesforce is the right choice for your business, contact us to get the high-qualified consultation on further steps.
We develop and implement business intelligence solutions based on SAP BO/BW platform. We also provide the full cycle of Salesforce consulting: Salesforce implementation and customization, support, and ISV solutions. We serve our clients in the USA, Europe, UK, and CIS countries.
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Marketing Manager
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