8 Simple Ways to Attract Subscribers on Twitter

Simple Ways to Attract Subscribers on Twitter

It is obvious that many people are interested in the question of how to significantly increase the flow of traffic to the site when you are already in full swing on various social networks. 

The answer is simple, create an account on Twitter, expand channels of contact with the client and increase your audience. 

The Twitter platform is very “crowded” and popular today. There are a lot of potential customers among the subscribers. But the question is how to get the most attention to yourself, how to stand out? Let's look at 8 effective tips that are guaranteed to increase the flow of traffic to your resource.

1. Do not forget to add different images!

It is a mistake to think that Twitter is just a text platform. Images will help you to stand out from the flow of text, and, as the practice show, tweets with images receive twice as many responses as without them. Images can weigh up to 3 MB and should be in GIF, JPEG or PNG format. Choose photos with a focus that attracts viewers to one particular point.

To find high-quality images, use the free pictures Flickr, Free Range Stock, Unsplash. Also, you can buy original images of such resources as iStock, Shutterstock, Corbis or Thinkstock. A clickable image can contain a title from a link to your blog. It is in the center of the picture, and in the background, there should be a very simple, but thematically grounded background.

2. Intrigue your subscribers

When you add a link to a message on Twitter, do not tell too much about its content. You need to intrigue your subscribers. One of the great tips for creating intrigue is the question "How." And do not use your entire 140-symbol limit. Accordingly to the research, tweets, which use 120 and 130 symbols, get the highest ratio of clicks to impressions. This is the golden mean, which is most convenient for reading posts on Twitter.

3. Make different reposts

To place the same information is often not good, as this does not bring additional value to the readers. However, on Twitter, the news feed is updated quite often, so that your readers risk missing important information. If you want to repeatedly deliver the same information to your readers, it is better to change the text and the image. You can change your post as follows:

  • Write a post on Twitter with the original title, link and photo from the blog.
  • Write about it on Twitter with a quote and a link to the article.
  • Write about it on Twitter with another photo, link and question that can intrigue your audience.

4. Change Your Own Biography

When you are found in someone's news feed, the only information that users can see is your name, profile picture, and your tweet. If readers want to know more about you, they click on your profile on Twitter. And the first thing they will see is your biography.

Almost the majority of people use the biography graph to display information about themselves and their activities, and then in the field of the website, they indicate a link to their blog or website. Of course, this will limit the amount of other content that you could put in the biography section, but at the same time create another channel for sending valuable traffic to your blog. Make sure that this information is always updated so that your presence on Twitter is always synchronized with the new content from your blog.

5. Ask questions to your subscribers

8 Simple Ways to Attract Subscribers on Twitter
Create feedback for your readers. Ask them what problems they most often encounter. Be attentive and show interest. Thus, you can, first, be useful to your readers, and secondly, in time to correct mistakes in your business. When you have enough answers to determine any trends, start creating content that will respond to the specific problems that your readers have indicated.

Another effective way is to give your readers useful content is to use a Twitter search to find topics similar to yours and try to identify the same questions and problems. In this way, you will also be able to identify trends. Either way, content tailored to your audience's needs will attract more followers to your own blog.

6. Do not forget to add hashtags

Tweets with hashtags receive twice as many clicks as tweets without them. Use hashtags associated with the topic of your blog posts, so users who are looking for expert knowledge in this area will be able to find your tweets. You can easily pick up your hashtags with the popular Hashtags.org website. Be consistent with the set of hashtags for a long time. In this way, your audience will remember the topics that you write about on Twitter and will be able to correlate them with the topics of your blog.

7. Add tweets about yourself

Of course, your audience is interested in the news related to the topic of your activity, but personal tweets play a very important role in building trust in your business. Share your audience with your preferences, information that you consider valuable or just pleasant.

As a matter of fact, if your Twitter followers will appreciate your personality they will trust the posts and links that you publish.

8. Do not forget to quote.

Quotations of experts help to link your content with recognized leaders in your industry. In addition, if your posts contain interesting statistics or indicative figures from famous people, include them in your tweets. This will help you to attract more followers to the blog and show that your opinion agrees with the authorities. Bold and simple statistics are allocated in the news stream of Twitter and surpass words.

Well, are you ready to attract even more traffic to your site?

Of course, you will not become a celebrity on Twitter immediately and will not get a million subscribers, but the regular use of these tactics will help you gradually find more and more interested readers who will regularly visit your site or blog.

To take place as a blogger on Twitter, you will need to devote a lot of time to your subscribers, constantly express your interests and promote your content. Creating a popular blog on Twitter is not an easy task, subject, however, to anyone who is willing to work and constantly show their talents. So, what are you waiting for? See you soon on Twitter!

Barbara Elliott has served in a number of leadership positions throughout his career including College Dean at three Universities and Tenured University Professor. Barbars is a frequent national and international presenter and author. Also she works as a blogger at PhDify.com
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