Why Tumblr is Dangerous for Your Kids & How to Protect Them?

Why Tumblr is Dangerous for Your Kids & How to Protect Them?

Tumblr is one of the most popular instant messaging and microblogging platform. It is also known as one of the creative people’s platforms over a couple of years. The user can get it through the browser or you can download it from play store on your compatible cell phone device.

It is owned by mighty Yahoo Inc. Its founder name is David Karp. It enables a user to post multimedia and short blogs. If a user wants to make its own blog, he/she has to sign up on Tumbler’s social messaging app. 

Furthermore, it allows other users to follow your blog, and to make a comment or add a message to your blog. Tumblr is very suitable for adults but when it comes to young kids and teens it becomes appropriate for them.

Adult Content on Tumblr social app

Adult Content on Tumblr social app

Users should know that Tumblr is rated 17+ on the iTunes Store, the social app policy stated that anyone who is under the age of 13 is not eligible to use the social platform at all. On the other hand, the platform is full of adult content, but a user can set filters on it to prevent preteens to get their eyes on the carnal content spread on this particular social messaging app. 

Tumblr policies clearly stated that anyone who wants to filter the pornographic content for some personal reasons, the platform really help out users through filters and privacy settings.
Presence of Self-harm content on Tumblr

The instant messaging app Tumblr is very popular in the young community that regularly spreading self-harming techniques. Young teens are adopting these self-harming trends and often got themselves into trouble. 

The self-harming regularly updated and replaced the old ones, on the other hand, there are plenty of self-harming trends has occurred such as freaky social media trend burn and scars and plenty of others alike in which young teens make cuts on their hands and then past salt and ice on the wounded injury and bear the pain. 

These self-harming methods are available in the shape of blogs created by young adventured and crazy youngsters. 

How parents can protect kids?

Parents when get to know the self-harming content and about the presence of sexually explicit content on the social messaging app Tumblr they become worried. But on the other hands, Tumblr terms and conditions allow parents to make filers on the content that is inappropriate for teens and kids and they can also provide on Tumblr privacy settings that can really help out parents to take such actions to protect their kids and teens. 

There is following stuff that Tumblr allows the user to protect kids and teens from the inappropriate things.

Set filter on Tumblr content

While using Tumblr visit the new search window, just add a search term and then hover over downwards to the padlock icon, now make a click on it and you will see “locked” it enables parents to prevent teens from switching this off strictly or in a friendly manner or tell them if they want to use the Tumblr don’t turn this off.

Tumblr’s Privacy settings

There are some certain settings that help parents to avoid their kids and teens from dangerous type of cyberbullying on social media platform and to prevent adult content being shared on teens Tumblr’s blog or account. 

You just need to visit some settings for your teens and kids Tumblr’s blog and this will really help you out to prevent all the dangerous stuff for youngsters. If you want to find the settings visit “Go to” account settings of Tumblr blog and then make a click on your teen's particular blog and set the account.

Use Cell phone monitoring software & protect your kids

Parents can also use cell phone spy app in order to make a check on your kids and teens social media activities 24/7. Parents just need to install the phone monitoring software on kids and teen’s mobile phone and then put your worries to rest. 

It empowers users to use the IM’s social media of the phone surveillance app and they will get IM’s social chat logs, shared media files and other activities. 

On other hands, if the user wants to use the complete teens Tumblr’s activities they should use the spy 360 live screen sharing and they will get real-time screen sharing of a target phone on cell phone tracking app control panel.


Protect your kids and teens from Tumblr social app dangers through spying on cell phones and put their all worries to rest.

Angela is serving as senior editor and analyst at TheOneSpy monitoring app. She has tremendous expertise in kids monitoring, employee monitoring, business management, and business security. The series of published articles on global forums are the testimonies that she is expressive and can naturally convince readers through her creative works. Follow her on twitter @LatestTechBlog
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