Investing In ICO : How To Make Money On It

 Investing In ICO

How To Make Money On It And What Is The Profitability Of The Token

ICO (Initial Coin Offering or primary coin placement) is a popular method of attracting investments in promising projects by issuing a new cryptocurrency, called a token.

ICO in simple words is the sale of a new crypto currency and buying it by investors to generate revenue while increasing its value.

Thanks to the use of blocking technology, the cost of ICO is several times less than the usual IPO and allows attracting investments in a shorter period of time.

If we compare statistics, the popularity and quantity of ICO grow at a tremendous rate. For the current period of 2017, about $ 1.5 billion has already been raised (May - 232 million, June 462 million, July - 574 million, August - 75 million US dollars), at the same time for the same period in 2016 - only about 250 million $

Leaders in the total amount of attracted investments during the ICO: Bancor - $ 153 million, Status - $ 95 million, TeX - $ 83 million.

ICO How To Earn

ICO - what is it in simple words, review, and feedback

What stages does Initial Coin Offering consist of?

Interest in buying tokens for an investor, how to make money on an ICO

What projects are planned for the autumn of 2017

Stages Of ICO

In the process of preparation and holding of the ICO, the organizers conduct several stages (pre-sale, offer, PR campaign the sale of tokens within ICO) and present them to investors:

Whitepaper - the main document, consisting of several sections with a detailed description of the project and areas of development.

  • A road map.
  • The team.
  • Site
  • FAQ, instructions with answers to all questions.
  • Determines the number of tokens being sold and their cost at each stage (presale, main sale).
  • Methods of acquisition and payment systems.
  • Terms of ICO (usually not more than a month).
  • Conditions for purchasing tokens.

Publication of the terms of the bounty campaign is a reward for users participating in the promotion. project and distribute part of the tokens between them.

Terms distribution of tokens between the team, bounty-campaign and for sale.

In addition, the following:

Large-scale advertising company - in the media, social networks, on the forums forums, etc.

The venue is defined: for today it is "Ethereum", "Waves", Neo and others.

Placement of the project in ICO trackers and stock exchanges.

Creation of information channels of the project in social networks: youtube, twitter, facebook and others.

After the sale of the tokens, the project goes directly to the fulfillment of the designated tasks.

After ICO, a new coin goes on the listing of a crypto exchange, some of them:

What Is the Benefit Of ICO And How Much Can I Earn?

The benefit for projects is an opportunity in the ICO process to collect investments for their further development and the embodiment of ideas into reality. After all, often, many prospective start-ups and companies are closed, without sufficient funding or the opportunity to borrow money from the bank or other financial institutions.

For society as a whole - this is the possible emergence of some new technologies, products that can change the world for the better.

For an investor, it is an opportunity to receive income from the subsequent sale of purchased tokens at a cost more than the original one and through the acquisition of tokens become, in fact, a shareholder of the company.

For example, the profitability of some recent ICO.

Project 0X (development of a protocol for decentralized crypto-exchange exchanges) managed to raise $ 24 million, the value of the token: initial - $ 0.048, today - $ 0.303, yield + 530%

The Civic project attracted $ 33 million at the pre-sale stage. The cost of the CVC token: the initial 0.1 $; Today - $ 0.427; profitability + 327%.

The OmiseGO project: the token yield is + 5272%, the price during the ICO is $ 0.244; at the moment $ 13,115

And for comparison, several projects that have the highest profitability for all time:

  • NXT: yield + 670448%
  • IOTA: + 147839%
  • Ethereum: + 105143%
  • Neo: + 94684%
  • Stratis: + 86480%
  • Spectrecoin: + 61826%

It's easy to calculate how much investors have earned for each dollar invested. This yield can not be offered by any bank.

Timothy Hastings is an Viking content writer and senior editor. His educational background in ICO and Blockchain has given his a broad base from which to approach many topics.

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