What Is Linux Operating System (LOS) And How It Works

 What Is Linux Operating System (LOS) And How It Works

Evolution has changed everything. If we talk about old age time there were no cell phones, television, and no education about the technology world. But almost everything has changed in past centuries.

From Nokia handset to android systems technology has groomed itself in so many operating systems. Some people have so much information about Linux as they know the Linux system is the one that runs everything from your fridges to our remote control. Install Linux OS and try to learn from it.

As we all are aware that Apple has an IOS operating system created by Apple Inc for its hardware to maintain its internal specifications. Here I am going to educate you about the latest operating system OS that has strengthened its roots in the world of technology.

Ubuntu is a distribution of a Linux and is based on Debian based on the open free source software. Linux is the best choice to learn about advancements in the technology world.

Linux is an open-source operating system, came into existence in 1991, developed by LINUX TORVADS and (FSF) FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION designed for servers, mobile devices, for computers, mainframes, and as well as for embedded devices.

It as control over the major platform of computing devices such as x86 android devices, an ARM that has a phenomenon to reduced instruction set computers, and even SPARC (Scalable processor architecture) making it the strongest supporting operating system of all time.

05 Basic Components of Linux

Linux is based on 05 basic components
  • Boot loader
  • Kernel
  • The shell
  • Window manager
  • X window server

The shell hardware kernel and utility has something big to do with the Linux OS let me explain how and what the basic components do.

Boot Loader

A specific code that runs before the operating system. The bootloader has manifold techniques to boot the operating system kernel i.e OS KERNEL. Boot loaders have several commands to enhance and modify the kernels environment.

The bootloader has a basic input-output system in it. The purpose of a bootloader is to load the OS system from the system hardware. Setting a minimum space by which the operating system can run and initializing the startup procedures as well.

Bootloader BIOS tells us whether the hardware is functioning properly, detecting the hardware issues. It maintains the data flow between the devices that are attached and the computer operating system. I.e keyboards, hard disk, printer, mouse, and video adapter.

Linux Kernel

The main component in the Linux operating system is the Linux kernel. A central part of an OS. Its a core interface between the hardware and its functions and processes. Lenix kernel is the one responsible for all the activities and functions of the Linux operating system. The developing services are inbuild in Linux OS that allows us to develop the internal servers space by our own selves.

It is the part of an operating system but itself is not an operating system. Linux kernel is independent, it manages the systems calls, control the hardware. I can say it is a bridge between the user application and hardware. Consisting of several modules and if necessary it tells us the underlying of the hardware. Linux kernel has the power to overcome low-level detail of a hard drive to the system. The kernel file in ubuntu is store in a boot folder.

The Linux Shell

The Linux shell is the command in an OS. Takes the input in the form of several commands that processes it to give an output. An interface by which a user works on several scripts, programs, and commands.

There is a terminal who accesses the shell and runs it. I can say that a shell is a medium space between the user and the kernel space. Shell user-space program that has similarities to the windows command is also related to Unixes.

Window Manager in Linux

Window manager in Linux, a system software controlling placements and appearance inside the windows system in a (GUI) graphical user interface. GNOME a graphical shell providing the basic functions launching the several applications etc.

Ubuntu uses the GNOME shell it’s a Linux distribution, its an open-source software. It’s a default environment of a desktop that ubuntu used.

X Window Server

X window system is a system for bitmap display.x window server provides the framework for the graphical user interface environment. Moving the window on the display device and drawing or the interaction with a keyboard or a mouse. In x window, the user computer allows the server to run on it. And the client’s run on different machines.


I discuss that Linux is open source and does not charge. Just free of cost you would be able to install the Operating System without any amount given to the provided license. Desktop edition and as well as the server edition both have the same phenomenon of several distributions of Linux.

Talk about the Microsoft windows server, 2012 edition that cost around $1200 to just install software on only one server. But in the case of Linux, it is an Open-source system totally cost-free. You just have to install the Linux version on your desktop.

Many Linux distributions are free of cost. You can now go through several web pages without any amount depositing for licensing.

Selecting a Right OS for Yourself

Its all depend upon your needs or your nature of works for the purpose of developing several companies all over the United State like Austin SEO use Linux as an operating system. You must be an expert in using your own computer as Linux is all about the command lines. If you do not know how to operate it then you must be in doubt to install it.

I suggest that if you are perfect on the command line and know to use the terminal to make several folders, file, and to delete the specific files then must install one. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to operate. There are so many video tutorials that can help you to educate about how to use the Linux terminal. Linux when the install has a changing display as compared to windows. You can start at the initial stage as with desktop distribution and Linux OS.
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