11 Ways Twitter Can Help You Grow Your Food Blog

11 Ways Twitter Can Help You Grow Your Food Blog

Twitter is a social networking service where users from different parts of the world can open up about their thoughts and opinions on a particular topic through conversation known as “tweets”. Users are allowed to tweet, like retweet only if they have registered accounts. Unregistered users are restricted to do so. Provided they can only view the tweet from different accounts.

Twitter is likely used as a medium to promote your articles, blogs, journals, and provide a link for the same. You can follow the experts from your field and learn through them. Researchers from different expertise are used to Twitter for getting relevant information and statistical data for their work. Students can also use it for a similar purpose thus completing their projects with ease.

A foodie and a writer can be an amazing food blogger, right! Passionate about food blogging? Thinking of growing through Twitter? Here are a few tactics that you must be aware of:

#1: Reach Out to Your Level of Expertise

Tweets are short and concise, unlike emails. This is the best way to put a sweet and simple message on your tweet as to how your readers should be engaged with your blogs. Start partnering with your level of expertise so as to make your profile look alluring! This would attract a pool of food bloggers and increase traffic.

#2: Interact With Your Readers

Simply initiate the conversation without formal greetings! The time when you treat your readers and followers as your friend, the process is itself simplified. Ask them about their honest reviews and make them feel valued. Do not hesitate to put their suggestions into your food blogs. Answer their questions through your improvised blogs!

#3: Tweet Passionately

Food bloggers are so fond of their content and delivery that is reflected through their blogs, articles, cookbooks to name a few! Tweet the same way you find the recipe or the advice to be exciting! Express your passion through your words and make it interesting for the readers!

#4: Promote your Food Blog During Online Conversations

Look what’s trending on Twitter. Follow the trend and get involved in the online conversation by sharing your blogs and provide links in the midst of the conversation. People who find it to be useful become your follower and keep on extending the trail!

#5: Insert Relevant Graphics

Graphics are the most important part of displaying your blogs! If your food blogs contain visuals, photographs, infographics of an aesthetic food recipe or so, it attracts the users to read the stuff!

Enable all the options where visitors or readers get to know your content widely.

#6: Put the Keywords in Your Captions as Well as Hashtags

Say food blogging is your keyword, include it in your caption as well as a hashtag. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a role! It works for driving the audience and meanwhile your impactful headline/ title drives all the attention!

#7: Use Metrics to Check the Tweet Working the Best

Look for the metrics every week and check out the engagement as to how many people tweeted, retweeted, shares, replies, comments, and likes. The time and efforts invested should be monitored on a weekly basis to understand what’s working best for the viewers and the readers!
#8: Share your blogs as much as you can!

11 Ways Twitter Can Help You Grow Your Food Blog

Social media is such a powerful tool to get enough likes, shares, comments, retweets on your content. Share it on your LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social media platforms to have a vast reach.

#9: Try for Cross-Promotion for Your Blog Posts

You can promote your friend’s content on your social media and in return ask them to do the same for your food blogs. Diversified reach leads to wider traffic. Such collaborations can uplift both the content creators in their specific domains.

#10: Know Your Audience Needs and Interests

Do well-planned research and gain complete statistical data for your audience’s needs and interests. This makes you understand your target audience. Specify your content relating to your target audience would be simpler and convenient for the readers to find out what they are looking for.

#11: Monitor the Moves your Competitors Make!

Closely examine what strategies your competitors use and learn from them. Find out your USP (Unique Selling Point) as to what specific level of expertise that you have and your competitors don't! Analyze which topics have already been covered by your competitors. Once you find it out, try to put more insights into the uncovered topics.

Twitter for Food Blogging

Influential food blogging is rare, yet interesting! Try to engage with influential food bloggers to understand how they work for collaborations, giveaways, brand partnerships, etc. Follow fewer accounts like Mummy in a TuTu (@mummyinatutu), Toni Dash (@BoulderLocavore), Kylee Cooks (@kyleecooks), Cake Whiz (@CakeWhiz).

The moment you are called an influencer; people are readily sneaking into your accounts to learn about your work, ideas, content, food photography, etc. Food blogging is putting your content and constantly keeping yourself updated about your performance! If required, tweets can be made 3-4 times! Retweet on influential food blogging accounts and stay connected.

Key Points to Remember

Tweets can be mixed up with other tweets. Say, food blogging with health and fitness blogs. This would make others feel that your research work is apt. Also, your work will be valued and recognized.

In a nutshell, you can: Provide details of your learnings through research publications and blogs; news relatable to food blogs, information on webinars and conferences you attend; taking feedback from the readers; all the links to your blog posts; visuals including, pictures, infographics, retweets and tweets to other people’s content.

These are a few of them listed above! Hope you find it meaningful and would surely provide some interesting food blogs that we all can’t resist! All the best!

Diksha loves to write about the vast understanding of everything happening around her. She regularly contributes to F and B Recipes on Intuitive Energy Healing.
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