20 PHP Tutorials For SEO Experts

List of best PHP Tutorials for beginners

There are many people who are eager to learn the PHP. Yes, it is possible to learn this fabulous web development when you are free with some proper resources. Here you can find a list of such websites which provides awesome material to ensure that your learning curve is going smooth. 

SEO experts are mostly dealing with HTML and link building, however knowing PHP basics can help them become more productive at their work. PHP can help you automate a lot of boring tasks that needs to be done using HTML repeatedly. 

There is plenty of information and as well tutorials, videos that are present here to grasp the concepts easily.

PHP Manual

When you want to learn PHP well, then you can go through this website where each section has a lot of people comments about the things they understood. When you go through the material and the comments, you can know many things about the applications of the PHP in real time.

Stone River eLearning

If you are a beginner to learn PHP, then the multiple blog posts and the splendid online courses will help you to learn PHP and makes you a pro if you have the interest. one can even get an access to ebook which helps the beginners to excel in their PHP programming journey.

PHP 101

This is the abode for all te concepts and as well applications of PHP. Right from the beginners to the people with little experience, everyone has some useful concepts here which they havent learn till date.

Derek Banas Video Tutorial on YouTube

Going for an interview or need to code a little, then you have to go through this video which gives you a clear and easy way to understand the concepts which you have learned earlier. So you will surely believe in these sort of videos after learning this useful and efficient one.


If you are learning PHP for the first time and wanted to know the answers to your queries, then you can get all of them here in no time. There are many tutorials and even videos that are helpful for you. You will be able to learn many things and can even find answers while you are working for yourself. There are plenty of real time errors and experts solutions. You will learn slowly how to get rid of mistakes you are getting.

Killer PHP

This is the oldest blog till date on PHP. There are many posts with useful and informative articles with examples of coding. By going through them, you will surely become a professional in PHP very soon. This is perfect for all the beginners and as well for the developers with little experience.

David Walsh’s Blog

David is the perfect business maker with PHP and other programming languages. His insights from experience will help the people who ever read the blog. So make sure to stay tuned and thereby you will surely enjoy the articles and learn a lot from here.

PHP Tutorial by W3schools

All the information which is present here is useful for the PHP developers at one time or the other. The layout and the design and every minute aspect have a lot to reveal about PHP and this helps the beginners and even the professionals with little experience.

Chris Shiflett’s Blog

Chris is the experienced professional in PHP. His knowledge about the PHP security and his views for PHP code will help us to learn a lot. He writes in an interesting way where we learn many thigns without even our knowledge and will never get bored or tired of reading his blogs on PHP.

Nikic’s Blog

This is a blog written by Nikic’s who is just 20 years old and in fact a student. She is open source developers and all her blogs are straight to the point and you can learn many concepts of PHP here.

Paul M. Jones Blog

Paul M Jones is an experienced veteran in PHP and his knowledge and the innate art of writing technical articles is appreciated by everyone. His way of expressing the concepts which are known to everyone will be different and effective. For sure everyone who started reading his blogs will have to continue until end. So ensure that you browse this website once and you will never leave.

Tobias Schlitt’s Blog

This is the blog where you can get the content which describes the open source development of PHP. Tobias blogs are popular and here you will learn about many other tools as well.

PHP Buddy

There are a lot of videos which are useful for the beginners and these are explained clearly in-depth by the expert professionals.

The New Boston Video

Even here you get a lot of videos but there are many thousands of views as these are compiled with proper flow. All the students will never get bored as these are structured properly to understand the potential of PHP.

CodeAcademy Video

If you are checking for the object-oriented concepts of the PHP, then here you can access a lot go videos. With this, you will never get confused with the OOPs and PHP.

CodeCourse Video Tutorials on Youtube

This PHP video tutorial by Codecourse is popular on the YouTube as it has all the concepts of the language covered. So you can learn from here without fail.

There and Back Again, By Joshua

Joshua is the gifted writer who explains the concepts with ease. All the difficult topics are clearly explained and you will never feel any concept so difficult after reading here.

Adam Khoury’s Video

You can learn all the concepts of PHP and web development here. After gaining knowledge from here you will be equipped with everything which helps you to list a website online with better rankings.


These videos are presented in either Hindi or Urdu. This is the unique aspect of these videos and you can learn better if you are comfortable in these languages.

PHP The Right Way

A perfect place to know about PHP in detail and there are even many videos which help you to get a hang over all these in less time.

The author is an IT professional at Ace Web Academy having years of experience in the industry. He is also proficient in imparting various IT related courses, to those seeking knowledge and efficiently contributes to the revolution going on in the information technology sector. He keeps his students updated about the new developments in this sector and doesn't mind going beyond the regular syllabus to educate them completely with relevant and current topics.
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