Useful Free PDF Tools For Publishing and Website Management

List of best PDF tools for publishing

Even though not directly connected at a first glance, these two occupations have a lot of similarities, and today we are going to introduce a couple of fantastic tools that can simplify aspects of both jobs and minimize the time needed for certain tasks, allowing better productivity.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that all of these tools have the PDF at their core, and as many of you probably already know, the Portable Document File is a fundamental and indispensable part of almost all business communication and corporate document sharing. Each of these tools has a special trait for manipulating PDFs, and later in the text we will show you how they can significantly speed up your workflow.

The reason that the PDF format has such a profound influence on modern business lies within the fact that it is the only file format that can be viewed on all operating platforms like Windows, Macintosh and Linux exactly the same and without any bugs, glitches or any other formatting troubles whatsoever.

For example, you need a very important file from a colleague’s computer transferred to yours, but he has a Mac computer, and yours has Windows on it, there is a great chance that you will receive the file incorrectly, and won’t be able to view it and use it properly. This is why so many Office programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others like AutoCad, Publisher, HTML have an option to save their projects in PDF form, this way making them perfect for sharing.

On the other hand, while the PDFs are absolutely ideal for viewing and sharing of files, they have one serious flaw. Like all read-only file formats, they cannot be changed or edited without the use of specially designed software and tools. In this article we will focus on online tools and how they can help you achieve more, and all for free.

PDF to Excel

In both publishing and website management, and most other businesses, invoices are sent in PDF form. This tool doesn’t require any personal information (not even an email), and offers a great way to convert your invoices back to Excel, and then edit them without a problem.

PDF Converters Online PDF Creation

As we mentioned previously, there is a really good reason to send files in PDF form, and they can be used for a number of things, including sharing of contracts, resumes, invoices and many other documents. The only information needed with this tool is the email address, where the download link will appear after the conversion is complete.

Add a Signature with PDF Buddy

Adding a signature to a PDF file can sometimes be very important for authorisation, and with PDF Buddy it can be done in no time. After you have selected the desired PDF file, just click on the “Signature” button on the left side of your screen, after which you can choose to upload an image of the signature, or draw a new one using this practical tool.

Merge multiple files with PDF Merge

If you ever have a need to create a single PDF file out of multiple files, PDF Merge can help you with that task, and it is completely free for file sizes under 15MB, which is a pretty big number for these types of files.

It is important to note that there is no limit for the number of files that can be merged together, as long as they are within limits of the final size of the file.

Investintech’s Free Online OCR Tool

Converting a scanned PDF (a scanned PDF is a file that you manually scanned and saved in PDF form) is quite a complicated task, but with this tool and its advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it can be done extremely easily. The only personal information that is needed is the email address, and all documents and user info is deleted after 24 hours, so you don’t have to download it right away.

Hopefully this article has shed some light and expanded your knowledge on this very useful subject, and left you more informed and more capable to tackle the everyday work challenges with higher efficiency.
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