8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Online Marketing

 8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Online Marketing

Running a business, irrespective of size, it is a very tedious job and makes you realize that time is very precious. You and your team are expert in doing the core tasks and operations and may want to outsource few other operations that need hours. Online marketing is one of them because it’s a complete function related to your branding/marketing strategy. Many organizations perform cost and benefit analysis to decide whether to outsource or do in-house online marketing. Once there was a time when many businessmen considered outsourcing as a negative term and did not find it good for the credibility of business but, now the time has changed and outsourcing is an essential function of many renowned brand names.

Here are few reasons that will give a brief overview that why you should outsource your online marketing:


The primary factor you should analyze for deciding about outsourcing or in-house online marketing is to look at your budget. Analyze how much cost it involves if you outsource online marketing and how much it cost if you do it in the house. Whatever is the result, take the decision on the basis of keeping in mind the other factors also. Most commonly it has been observed that outsourcing saves cost and yields more results.


Time is definitely a very important factor to consider because you may go for in-house online marketing that requires hours to spend on research, finding a target audience, content marketing strategies and etc. Your team can save this time by outsourcing this activity and focus on your core activities that are your USP.

Lacking Skills Of In-House Team

Before going to outsource your online marketing, perform an analysis of your in-house team that if they are capable of managing online marketing or do they possess such expertise. If the answer is yes, you should analyze their duties that if this addition of online marketing does not affect their other activities and is not causing the burden for them. And if you have an expert team that can utilize all possible online marketing channels, you do not need to opt for outsourcing. But in the other case, your team lacks in online marketing skills, it is not advisable to take a risk and do in the house, you should outsource it to the expert agency.

To Getting An External Viewpoint

When you go for in-house online marketing, you may go bias as you already know about your business but the person coming from outside as an expert, will see it in a different way and you will get an outside view which is unbiased. Because it is a common observation among organizations that they have tunnel vision of inside the organization and they may not see things as an external would see.

Creative Ideas

The expert team always rolls an eye on the industry trend and tries to explore new and creative ideas to implement in online branding. Your in-house team may not be as expert or updated as the experts one because they are more passionate in finding productive paths.

Results And Reporting

When you outsource your online marketing, you can measure the results with the reports provided by the agency. They will give you comprehensive, scalable and real-time reports so that you can compare your position in the race. You will have a centralized team from where you can get information and exercise your right to access it and monitor. It will save your time that you would be spending in making such reports over the different time intervals.

It Saves Training Cost

If you outsource your online marketing to the professional online marketing agency, it will save your training cost as they are already expert in their job and work on the latest tools and technology. In another case, if you do it in-house, you need to invest some dollars in training and equipped your team with latest online marketing tools.

Increase Your Partner’s Network

Outsourcing any activity builds a new relationship with that agency and open ways to strengthen your position by increasing your business to business dealings. It may establish your reputation among the industry.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing has now become a common practice for numerous reasons and there are a number of companies who are following this practice and somehow gaining an advantage. But, that’s not necessary that it is suitable for every organization. The situation, resources, and business model play a major role in deciding about an outsourcing situation and you should analyze each factor before taking a decision.

Fiona Allen is the writer and Graphic Design Consultant at 5stardesigners and loves to write about digital marketing.5stardesigners aims to provide branding/logo designing, website, and mobile app development services for small to large businesses.

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