Top 10 Pinterest Tips and Tricks

 Top 10 pinterest tips and tricks

Since the rise of social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter, not very many other social media websites and mobile apps have found their way to profit and grow like Pinterest. Since 2012, which is the year when the owners of this service have made several large funding rounds as well as a couple aggressive acquisitions, Pinterest has started its unstoppable growth.

Today, Pinterest is very likely one of the strongest 5 social media networks, as well one of the best places for designers and others that deal with images on a daily basis.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 tips and tricks everyday users can apply and get more from Pinterest:

Edit Notifications On Pinterest

Just like any other social media outlet, Pinterest will try and send you as many possible notifications and draw your attention towards it. You can select which notifications you wish to ignore by choosing to get notifications only from people you follow.

Manage Your Privacy

Your profile privacy settings are set to public by default as soon as you create a profile. You can choose to change this in a few different ways. You can stop Pinterest from showing your profile in search results and search engines as well. You can also ask Pinterest to stop tracking your data to personalize your experience.

Edit Images You Want To Pin With Image To Word App

Convert your images with mobile app Image to Word if you want to add some text or content to it.

Create Secret Boards

Pinterest also offers the option of making private or the so-called secret boards, but you can make only 3 of them. These boards will be visible only to you, and other board contributors if you decide to add any.

Get A Notification When You Are Nearby The Place You've Pinned

You can set your Pinterest to alert you whenever you are near a place you’ve previously pinned. The app can also send you step-by-step instructions on your phone or smartwatch on how to get to that location.

Set Up Pinterest Ideal Image Size

You can set the image size you want, however, it is well known that 2:3 and 1:3.5 ratios are the optimal sizes for images if you want to upload them to Pinterest. Images in 1:3.5 ratio are only visible when “Expand Pin” mode is turned on.

Use tailwind To Monitor Analytics

Tailwind app is one of those apps that can help you immensely if you deal with marketing or just trying to promote one of your products via Pinterest.

 Check How Many Times The Pin You Want To Pin Was Shared Before

Another useful tool for both marketers and everyday users. This tool will allow you to check how many times the pin you are about to pin was shared before, as well as a couple other useful things. Pincount is a step ahead of all similar tools due to the simplicity and friendliness of its User Interface.

Create keyword-rich board titles and descriptions

A lot of people leave descriptions relevant to their pins. However, keyword-rich descriptions will help get pins and boards found more easily through the search bar. Simply by adding some of these you can have you pin reaching more people and boards. Good for both you and others!

Create A Pin It For Later Link

Pinterest also offers a “read later” option when sharing a new blog post with your social media. Your followers can pin your post to a “read later” Board loaded with articles, giving your followers easier approach to the rest of your content.

Hopefully, these 10 tips can help your experience with Pinterest and improve your skills regarding marketing via Pinterest and how to better optimize your profile and posts for your followers!
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