10 YouTube Hacks And Tricks

YouTube Hacks And Tricks

YouTube is a wonderful platform for sharing videos with friends and family. It is not a business based website for selling or buying products or services but a public based website which can be accessed by anyone at any time. 

Although it can also be used for a business purpose in which you can show your brand to public and make them aware of it; it is entirely a free website where everyone can easily access and upload any video. So, no one should get anxious about uploading his video for making publicity of the own brand because it is totally free of cost. 

It also allows earning money by uploading videos on it. No doubt YouTube is doing a great job by entertaining millions of customers, but the secret of its growth is its updated technological change and quality enhancement which never disappoints its viewers. In case someone wants to see a video along with a friend who is far away despite this he can share that video with many people as he wants due to the numerous options provided by YouTube.

To make it more compatible and efficient, YouTube is continuously working on it by providing hacks and tricks to enhance its surfing more than before. It represents some of the innovative hacks for using YouTube which may make a prominent difference between old YouTube and new YouTube.


TubeReplay is one of the simplest features of YouTube. It has a tendency to play a single video again and again until the viewer gets irritated by seeing the same video for sometimes and stops it himself. For using this feature viewer just has to go through the URL address of the desired video and leave the further task for the website.


Dragontape permits to create a mix tape by remixing all the selective videos. This option can be utilized by searching the wanted clip, drag the video to a playlist and then share it with the targeted audience by providing that specific code to the audience.

YouTube Doublers

YouTube Doubler is a wonderful option it let the people create a video mashup which is great fun to do these creative things. It works amazing by just entering two or more clips' URLs then selects a VJ name and then shares your created smashup with the audience.

Synch Tube

Synchtube permits to view synchronized videos with more than 50 other viewers other than those viewers can also chat online or can send IM along with watching videos. All it can be happened by just go into the URL address videos and then share it with the targeted group of people. It provides plenty of uses for this service, but the best service is to view a video together with an associate who is far away.


Infinitude is a great service which identifies hundreds of videos in a playlist by just putting keywords into a search bar. It gives you a flawless experience at the time you just enter a keyword, and it gives hundreds of results.


Splicd is an amazing tool which allows searching the desired video by minutes and seconds. It can be done by writing #t=MMmSSa in the search bar at the end of URL. Furthermore, splicd allows trimming a video by informing starting and ending time of a video which is to be cut down. After that, it will be a generated code which will allow other users to watch that edited clip.


Tubechop works in the same way as splicd works, but there is a little difference that allows your edited clips to slide next to timeline.

You Cube

Youtube is a very innovative tool which creates a 3D cube by selecting six video clips at a time and then merges them in a way to show every video at each side of a cube and then produces a revolving 3D cube after that it can share with others.


MixTube is a wonderful tool makes it easy to create a playlist from YouTube by just adding together all the URLs in a list. Its best use is to listen to songs in an organized playlist which includes smashup, stage concerts, and other content as well.


Youflow provides you with a better plain white or black background on a screen to watch videos if someone gets irritate from the flow of comments just below the video. To avoid watching comments below the video just installs and then click on quietude after playing the desired video.

YouTube is among the most visited websites after Facebook and Twitter which is having millions of users in which most of the viewer’s visits it on the daily basis, either on their personal computer or smart phones for different purposes so these tricks and hacks are most significance for using YouTube in a more effective way. It is the leading website that provides the greatest content for marketing purpose and offers the best platform for video blogging as well. It provides a great opportunity to the blogger to driving more traffic to his blog by using YouTube. Furthermore, it also offers to watch any video in even more high quality which is the reason for its huge success that its subscribers are gradually increasing.

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