Recover Accidentally Deleted Database

Recover Accidentally Deleted Database

Here we explain how you can recover your accidentally deleted or damaged database irrespective of the relational database managements system (RDBMS) that you have. It describes the way by which you can recover deleted or corrupt SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases successfully.

Since the introduction of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) in the 1980s, databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle have become highly popular and the standards for a variety of industries. This is because of their fast, stable, affordable and easy-to-use characteristics. Businesses across the globe use these to store a large amount of their significant data. As the name signifies, these systems are based on the relational models in which the data is organized into groups of tables that are known as Relations. However, these features do not make the databases immune to deletion or corruption issues.

These databases can get accidentally deleted anytime by the Database Administrators (DBAs) handling them or even get damaged. Such a move can bring a loss to the organization. Its business may suffer or even stop due to the unavailability or loss of valuable data in the database files. Hence, recovering all the deleted database becomes an immediacy.

Before we look into the data recovery aspect, let’s identify the plausible causes.

Causes For Accidental Deletion & Corruption Of Databases

The accidental deletion of the various databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle are errors made on your part, some of which are as follows:

  • Receiving the where clause wrong for a delete
  • Running test script on production 
  • Execution of DELETE statement against the databases
  • Execution of TRUNCATE statement against the databases
  • Execution of DROP statement against the databases

The most common corruption causes in database files are:

  • Virus attacks and attack by other malicious code
  • Improper handling or errors on the part of DBAs
  • Technical issues 

Now that we are aware of the probable causes, let’s now look at the recovery methods.

Method To Recover Accidentally Deleted Database

There are a few general methods that can be used to recover accidentally deleted MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases. They are as follows:

Restore Backup In The Right Way 

Restoring backup is one of the ways to recover the accidentally deleted database. However, in this case, it is necessary for you to have an error-free backup as well as you should be aware of the correct steps required for restoration. Moreover, you should execute the restore process correctly without fail. 

Use Third–Party Database Recovery Software 

You can choose any third-party database recovery software from a number of tools that have been devised to recover the accidentally deleted or damaged databases. Most of them are available online and offer the demo version for you to check the working and capability of such software applications. However, the clause is that the data should not be overwritten as it makes the recovery by tools difficult, and in most cases, impossible.

Obtain Database Recovery Services

Obtaining database recovery service is yet another way by which you can recover accidentally deleted or corrupt databases. Several database recovery service providers offer database file recovery services.

Stellar Data Recovery is one such service provider that masters the art of recovering databases that get accidentally deleted including corrupt file recovery. Moreover, it has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals that can easily cater to your database recovery needs successfully. Further, its Class 100 Clean Room Lab provides an exceedingly clean environment and assures that database is successfully recovered without loss of data. 

It also guarantees safe and secure recovery so that the resultant database is usable. All these make it a reliable data recovery service provider, whose centers are available in all prime areas of the country.


The above-described methods are top-three ways by which you can recover accidentally as well as corrupt or damaged database files. However, restoring from backup is usually a time-consuming process that you do not have in extreme cases. Again, external database recovery software tools can handle only minor corruption issues and temporarily deleted database files. Also, you would have to know the steps required to run them. 

On the other hand, obtaining database recovery services, particularly from Stellar Data Recovery simply requires contacting its nearest branch. With this, you will be able to recover both deleted as well as damaged database files in a very short time duration after you hand them your affected database.

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