Website and Its Importance for Resource Mobilization

“Resource Mobilization” is a term that is blurted out by every Tom, Dick, and Harry in all organizations. But, more often than not, people do not know its exact meaning, and the significance of it in terms of an organization’s sustainability and survival in the long run, whether it’s a not-for-profit or for-profit. 

So, what is resource mobilization?

In simple terms (the ones our Toms, Dicks, and Harrys know), Resource Mobilization (or “New Business Development”) refers to getting new resources and making the most of the existing ones in your organization at the right time (therefore, the term “resource mobilization.”) In detailed, more “business-ey” terms, it encompasses all activities concerned with identifying new business opportunities in the market, doing risk analysis, preparing proposals, acquiring new resources, allocating said resources along with the old ones, implementing the new business plans and analyzing the returns. 

Each step of resource mobilization is crucial and involves extensive researching and analysis by the analysts and managers of an organization. However, resource mobilization may also be conducted for a social cause or movement, for the sake of attracting funds.

Why do resource mobilization?

Another question that may arise, is why do organizations need resource mobilization? Can’t they just stick to providing the same products/services? The answers are simple: SURVIVAL and NO!

In a dynamic market, the needs and wants of consumers tend to change overnight. Therefore, organizations need to adapt quickly in order to keep up with these changing requirements, for the sake of their sustainability. A business cannot continue to provide the same products and services forever; it needs to constantly analyze the market and identify any new business opportunities that may arise. This would ultimately not only help a business grow and attract more revenue but also ensure its survival.

Websites – A Crucial Tool for Resource Mobilization.

The internet is perhaps the greatest thing to come out from humanity (after Fidget Spinners, of course.) Distances have been cut short, long-distance communication is a breeze, and most importantly, it has changed the face of business and given birth to new ones. Before websites came into existence, Resource Mobilization was a rather slow and relatively costlier process. It took the time to identify new business opportunities and sources to get resources from. But with websites, it’s all become much easier. However, a website may not help in all steps, depending on your organization’s nature.

So, how exactly can a website help in resource mobilization?

Before getting to the point, we must look at the different types of resources that an organization/movement can utilize. The five main types of resources that an organization may use, include:

  • Moral (Legitimacy, etc.)
  • Cultural (Knowledge that is widely common.)
  • Material (Raw material, equipment, etc.)
  • Human (Manpower.)
  • Social Organizational (That spread messages.)

Websites can pretty much help with all of these resources. But how? For the moral resource, an organization may talk about their goals and visions, and may also showcase their previous accomplishments. 

For Cultural knowledge, an organization may post online questionnaires and invite people belonging to certain cultural regions to come and fill them out, in order to gain knowledge about consumer habits. As for the material, an organization might advertise their needs and requirements for certain raw material or equipment, or for their funding. The same goes for a human resource; advertising for available positions. 

Finally, the social organization, a social movement/cause may spread messages through banners and creative content.

Through a website, these resources can be gathered without any significant expense or time loss. Which is one of the many reasons why a business without a website is one without a future!

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