4 Steps to Become a Successful Blogger

Steps to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Becoming a professional blogger is the new American dream.

Not only can blogging open up worlds of new information to you and your readers, it can also be extremely lucrative and act as an impetus to push your personal brand to amazing heights.

Becoming a successful blogger isn’t easy, however, and it takes time and strategy.

Fortunately, I know what it takes and compiled below are the most effective measures you can take to start down your road to success today!

1. Create Great Content

Building a successful blog begins with great content. This is obvious, but what it is that differentiates the good from the bad might not be so.

Generally speaking, there are three characteristics that determine how good your content is:

  • It engages the reader. Writing content on the internet is very different from creating content for other mediums. The reason for this is because users have less time to dedicate to a blog than, say, a book. It is therefore vital to hook a reader from the start and keep them interested in using words and breakdowns that engage.
  • It provides value to the reader. It is important to consider why someone will want to read your content. In most cases, it will be because they are trying to learn something new or answer a question. If your content doesn’t provide that value, it probably isn’t very good.
  • It’s original and accurate. There is a reason why reporters are always looking for big scoops: it gets hits. Try to focus on creating original content that people have either never thought of, or that hasn’t been covered in the way you can do it before. Of course, it is vital that your writing is accurate and you should never forgo accuracy for originality.

If your content covers all of these bases, you’ve established your value proposition, putting you closer to success than those whose content does not.

2. Be Consistent

Posting schedules are vital to blogging success.

This is because they not only create regularity for you and your readers, they also help increase your content, making your website more prevalent and valuable.

Of course, consistency cannot come at the expense of great content. Most successful blogs manage to provide regular work of a high caliber. If you only publish one worthwhile thing every year, your readers will probably only read your blog once a year.

As you continue to create content - and get better at it - you will find that there are shortcuts to consistency and greatness. The trick is to find them. 

E.g. you can find some really awesome free tools online to write content faster.

3. Market Yourself

Successful bloggers know that running a blog is like running a business. Just as marketing is vital for a business to grow, so too is your blog.

A blog should employ all of the marketing techniques that bring people to any other website. Here are just a few that are vital to your growth:

  • Get your users to sign up. Have you managed to attract users to your website? Unless you get them to add their email address to your mailing list, it is likely they will forget about you. Emails are a great way to keep up with your audience and, if they like your content, they are usually more than willing to give your newsletter a try.
  • Use social media. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can help you increase your fan base and help you spread your latest posts more effectively than you ever could on your own. This is because when people share your work you will get a whole new population of eyes finding and reading your content. This cycle can result in thousands of unique hits and visitors.
  • Optimize your site. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a popular marketing technique because it can be much more effective and permanent than one-off advertising. Great content can go a long way in gaining in the search engine ranks, but implementing even more basic methods can make your website even higher. Learn about SEO and employ it throughout your website and in all of your content.

Marketing may seem like a full-time job in addition to actually getting your content up, but it is an effective way and generally, pays off in spades.

4. Provide Value

Whatever you do, add value to your visitors in any way possible.

These four steps may seem brief and simple, but, trust us, they are difficult to implement and even more difficult to master.

Part of becoming a successful blogger is putting in time and effort. Nothing worthwhile comes easy and that is doubly true for blogging.

Once you do find success, never be content. Continue to implement this four-step system and keep growing to greater heights.

Brandon David is the founder of Website Builder Insider. Although he didn’t receive any formal training, he has dedicated most of his time to becoming an authority on everything web related. When not online, Brandon is most likely eating, sleeping, or doing something else to maintain his unhealthy addiction to the internet.
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