Qlikview is a highly flexible BI platform used for the purpose of turning data into knowledge. Around 24000 companies worldwide have enabled their users to visually analyze, search and consolidate all their information for unparalleled insight into business utilizing the simplicity of qlikview.

Intelligent decision making is dependent on having the right data available and accessible easily. Qlikview's automatic associations generate a large number of possibilities for building ad-hoc queries without having the need for tediously defined hierarchies and structures, as is normal in various other tools related to data analysis.

Qlikview promotes the open study of application data, enabling the users to make accurate and time-saving decisions. It brings out a whole new level of insight, value and set analysis that is straightforward, simple and clean.

Why Qlikview?

QlikView is the fastest growing flexible Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool which turns data into knowledge which is easy to learn, quick to deploy and absolute to get started with data visualization.

QlikView enables the business users to to search and analyze the data with its powerful data visualization technique, make associations and unearth insight into what other Business Intelligence tools can’t do.

Qlikview provides scalable enterprise-class technology that enables every employee to effectively use their data. The three innovations of Qlikview namely big data index augmented intelligence, and multi-cloud drive modern analytics into each part of the enterprise. Users can create and deploy analytic apps with QlikView without having any technical skills.

Qlikview offers unparalleled business insights to the users by interpreting what information is not related and how information is associated. The users can conduct indirect as well as direct searches across the whole application's data within an individual field or globally. In a field, when a user clicks on the data point, no queries are fired. But, all the other fields filter themselves instantaneously based on the user's selection. 

QlikView Features

QlikView has many features that are useful for a user to create advanced reports from various data sources and below is the list of features which makes QlikView uncommon.

Automatic Data Association

QlikView automatically notices the relationship between the slice of each data in the datasets. There is no need for users to pre-configure the relationship between the data entities.

Super-fast User Experience

The data, structure, and calculations of a report are all retained in the memory of the server providing access to multiple users for a super-fast user experience.

Calculations While Progressing The Data

As the data is retained in memory, there is no need for storing pre-calculated aggregated values, as the calculations are done on the fly or while progressing the data.

Data Compression

QlikView thickly uses data dictionary compressing the heavy data to a compressed data almost to about 10% of original data and picks out the essential piece of data.

Visual Relationship with Colors

The relationship between data is not shown with lines or arrows but are shown by using colors. When a particular piece of data is selected to relate to other data then it gives a specific color and another color for unrelated data.

Search Across all data

The user can give some related information for what is he looking for and get the exact value as the data is associated with memory.

Powerful BI Ecosystem Is Possible With Qlikview

Qlikview is turning the complicated ETL processes into effective and easy decision-making opportunities at a rapid pace. The distribution, architecture, and acquisition of information depend on analytical ecosystems having many different features or aspects.

This is the reason why qlikview has stepped up to the plate; and by taking the help of technology which is able to be extended, a strong BI platform for business users, developers and IT professionals alike. Qlikview enables the users to assemble the information from different sources into a single application and interprets this data into simple graphs that can be accessed from multiple sources.

The Qlikview community provides the capability to acquire an in-depth and proper understanding of BI ecosystems by providing online platforms where the users can download and share apps. The data connectors and chart extensions involve in an online chat with helpful Q&A and develop high-quality sales goals using the training material on online marketing.

The direct discovery feature of qlikview enables the users to examine big data more efficiently because the users can now perform an associative study on data sets that are too big to put into the in-memory engine of qlikview. This hybrid approach makes the complicated ETL processes more easy to understand and offers a detailed and unified analysis of different data sets that were hidden once. By using data dictionary, the users are no longer restricted to pre-configured reports, static dashboards or predefined drill paths.

Qlikview enables you to execute the deployment options for various users so that sensitive data is stored safely. Qlikview is used to share statistics and data models with accurate departments; in this way, the project heads can help create, search and explore powerful apps to get the answers that a business requires to accomplish and expand goals.

Various industries including manufacturing, retail and services, financial services, healthcare, communications, energy & utilities, public sector, high tech, consumer products, and life sciences are using Qlikview to innovative decisions and insights. Qlikview is building partnerships with innovative leading technology companies to build value-added integrations, connectors, and extensions to the Qlik visual analytics platform.


Qlikview is being utilized by various organizations across the world as it offers highly efficient and accessible BI ecosystem. There are many innovations lined up in this field. There are so many job opportunities in this area and companies are looking for highly skilled professionals.

So, many job seekers are obtaining training in Qlikview and gaining expertise in it due to the longevity of this field. Qlikview professionals are getting highly paid due to high demand in this field. The job roles associated with qlikview is one of the highly paid job roles in the US. Thus, people looking for a lucrative career can choose qlikview as their career option.

Savaram Ravindra was born and raised in Hyderabad, popularly known as the ‘City of Pearls’. He is presently working as a Content Contributor at and His previous professional experience includes Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He holds a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from VIT University. He can be contacted at Connect with him also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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