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Life in college is supposed to be fun but that’s until you find yourself under piles of work and facing looming deadlines. While joining a renowned institution as Harvard comes with a lot of prestige, you have to work harder to meet the high academic standards set by your predecessors. Everything you do has to be perfect and this calls for more research and with time, you will experience burnout. Balancing an intense academic life, personal life and demanding co-curricular life is not easy but you can now leverage the best mobile apps to do this. You can use these apps to manage your time better, order custom college essays, schedule your work and so much more. This article explores some of the best productivity apps for university students.

Please keep in mind that the following apps are not for professional industrial use. For example, if you are looking for a complex CMMS system for managing equipment-related work orders in a factory, then you can rather look for maintenance work order software for such tasks.

Following productivity apps are being described for use by students


Any list of top educational apps which doesn’t include Evernote is not worth reading. You see, this is the ultimate productivity app and for a Harvard student, it comes in handy to help create a balance in the multiple tasks you have to complete. It is rated as one of the best apps available and comes with incredible features to make the work of a college student easier.

This app helps you make notes of text, pictures, voice messages, videos, PDFs, and anything else you can save. It is possible to organize your notes into a specific theme, categories and so much more. The Evernote's search capabilities make this a must-have app for any college student.

When tackling a research project and you have multiple notes saved on the app, you can search for such related item to make your work easier. With this app, you can capture photos and record sound memos and the best part is that it enables multi-platform real-time access from all your gadgets.


This is an award-winning study app which is perfect for a Harvard student because it all-in-one app integrating a schedule planner and homework tracker. This means you can now manage your entire homework from one interface and you will never experience missed deadlines.

The multi-purpose app helps manage assignments, grades, school courses, academic work, class details, and instructor’s updates. You can also sync all data across devices (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.). With this app, it is now possible to integrate with your iOS Calendar app. There’s a real-time mode that shows you only what happens shortly. With the planner, it is easy to get the best grades.

Focus Booster

This is an online app that helps college students break their intimidating assignments into small and manageable chunks. If you are at Harvard, you appreciate that the volume of work you have to complete in every subject is large but with this app, you get breaks in between your revision to breathe and recharge.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has to be one of the most popular college homework apps because it delivers the goods. The app developers say “We aim to make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything.” This is one reason that has made this a must-have for every serious student. If you have a problem completing math problems and working out scientific formulae, this is the app you need to download.

It is perfect for every Harvard student who wants to complete their assignment fast. This is a huge knowledge engine that a college student will find handy when completing their assignment. From algorithms, knowledgebase to AI technology and everything in between, you can now use this app to get the answers you want.

iWork Suite

This is one of the best productivity tools for Apple device users because and it comes handy when creating essays, presentations, and spreadsheets. It looks and feels like Microsoft Office Suite due to the similarity in features and you can create documents, alter tables, insert pictures, and add hyperlinks to text. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and helps manage your school work easily and present the same professionally.


This is another popular app for accessing documents and annotating PDFs. At Harvard, you have to submit your work in a professional format. More importantly, you need to research extensively and this is where this app comes in handy. This app works with Apple's iCloud, Microsoft's OneDrive, and Box and brings all your stuff in one place for easier research. The free app allows you to edit Microsoft documents, browse photos, annotate PDFs and read e-books in one app.


If you have problems focusing on your assignment, it is time to download the SelfControl app and block all distractions. Now, most students have internet access on all device and this is a big distraction in college. With this app, you can block your access to distracting websites and mail servers. This is not permanent and you can set a period for which to stay away from specific websites as you focus on your homework. You cannot access the blocked sites until the period you have set elapses.


When doing research, it is not easy to create a bibliography even when you have all the references available. You have to find out more about the academic styles and this takes up a lot of time and makes your work harder. However, you can now download RefMe and make work easier. With this app, it is easy to put together bibliographies and citations. Moreover, you can scan the book’s barcode with your phone camera and come up with citation formatted in MLA, Chicago, Harvard or any other citation style the professor needs.


This is an educational app available for desktop computers, Android devices, and iOS devices. You can use the app to complete your assignments easily. While traditional cards remain valuable, this app redefines them by helping create digital flashcards. These are easier to remember than their traditional counterparts. Using Spaced Repetition, this app assesses how easy it is for you to recall contents on a flash card. It will then display the card again for your review. In essence, you will not forget the topic under review.


If you want to learn the language fast, then Duolingo is what you need. This app turns language learning into a fun game. With Duolingo, you can perfect your German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, or English. It is a free app available for iOS and Android.

Other productivity apps worth mention include Quizlet, Google Inbox, OmniFocus, Week Plan, RescueTime, PomoDone, Beeminder, among others. All these apps are ideal for a Harvard student to increase productivity through better time management. You can use these apps to organize your work, complete assignments on time, and avoid homework meltdown. If you are stuck on your project, you can pay for research paper and get help from a professional writer.
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