Top 7 UX Tips For Improving Your Website Navigation

 Top 7 UX Tips For Improving Your Website Navigation

A user experience (UX) is the primary goal of every aspiring website looking to boost its rankings and maximize revenue. But what is UX design really? We’ve all heard of “User Interface (UI) Design”; are they the same? Why do internet geeks always keep changing these acronyms and esoterically circulate them on the web to throw people off?

Before anything else, the nuance between UX and UI are so subtle that it’s sometimes hard to tell which is which. But UI is actually considered a subcategory of UX because the latter covers a wide range of areas and doesn’t focus on design and usability alone (like the UI). The UX covers the entirety of the website, even before it’s already up and running. From the branding, design, efficiency, relevance to usability, function, and even any troubleshooting, if necessary.

A UX design revolves around a couple of things like the user’s intention of visiting the website, how the users relate to the site’s views and values, what actions the users can do with the site, and also if the users felt overall convenience in browsing through the website. These should all be well-thought-out in UX design with the chief goal of meeting the user’s specific needs.
Now that we’ve touched base on what UX design is, let’s read these top 7 UX tips for improving a website navigation.

Give Users What They’re Expecting

I know it feels good to be one-of-a-kind but frankly, this is not the time to play with fire in terms of website conventions. Give users the basic website formats that they’re already used to like displaying the menu icons on top, accenting the call-to-action buttons, having access to a ‘homepage’ button, or drop-down menus. These are things that users are already accustomed to, don’t try to take this from them! Also, hiring the best UX design agency can give you advice on how to stick with website conventions.

Avoid Countless Menu Selections

It’s been proven that website abandonment happens when users can’t find what they’re looking for in the first three seconds on your page. If you have way too many menu selections (maybe 10 or more!), they’d be long gone even on the first page. Keep it to a maximum of seven (you might get lucky with a lucky number).

Keep Menu Titles Simple

One reason that users leave your site is when your menu titles are really difficult to understand. We’re not competing for an academic position here, we’re reaching out to people from all walks of life, and I hate to break it to you but some people might not even have the widest range of vocabularies. Simple and nontechnical menu titles will do more!

No Click-bait Titles and Descriptions

The last thing you want to do is be an untrustworthy website. If you use misleading titles and texts just to lure users into your website, then I’m afraid that strategy won’t be in it for the long haul. And might I just add that this is an extremely irritating practice! People want real information and falling into deceptive sites is a total waste of time.

Always Make The ‘Homepage’ Link Available

One of my internet pet peeves is honestly not being able to go back to the main menu – fast! Sometimes, the ‘back’ button on a laptop or a mobile device is inaccessible to users. So make it easy for the users to go back to the home page with only one click, try to display it on all pages. Not only will this make the users happy but it also leads users to call-to-action buttons easily, and you know what those buttons do to your sales, don't you?

Optimize a Search Feature

Even if your website is already easy to navigate, people almost always still tend to use the search buttons because, well, maybe they’re just too busy to be tinkering with your website for a few minutes. But that’s okay, give them what they want. You’re there to provide them with a smooth user experience. With a search button, they find what they want on your site and they buy your product. Win-win!

Make it Mobile-Friendly

You can’t change the fact that people still pull out their phones to look at the time even when they have the most expensive watch on! Consequently, when searching for something, a mobile device or tablet is also the fastest way to get what they’re searching for. If the site is difficult to navigate on a user’s phone, then you’re sure to face more website abandonments in the long run.

Remember that you’re creating the website for the users and not for your own benefit. The only benefit you’ll get out of it is when you’re in the black. So make sure they leave your website feeling happy and satisfied.

Anthony Blair, a blogger by passion, loves to write about web designing and mobile app development. He is currently working for, one of the leading branding and UX design agency perfecting all digital aspects of the business including web/app development and brand awareness.

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