3 Impacts Of Social Media On Ou Daily Lives

3 Impacts Of Social Media On Ou Daily Lives

On almost a daily basis, I constantly hear people complaining about how social media has completely destroyed the idea of community in recent years. People are more concerned with how many people are following them or the number of likes and comments they get. And yes, there is some truth to this but social media isn't all that bag.

It might have changed a few things that many are used to but it has also brought developments that have made life more convenient and, truth be told, a little more colorful. Here are 3 ways that social media is changing our daily lives.

Working From Home

It used to be that employment only takes place in the office with a 9 to 5 job. If you are a stay at home parent, you are out of luck because you'll have to decide on whether to focus on your career or on taking care of your children.

Because of social media, stay at home parents are given more freedom to pursue their career and entrepreneurship while still able to take care of their kids. The families that are affected by the recent global recession doesn't have another option to support their family other than the traditional idea of working.

But starting a business is no easy feat. It requires almost as much, if not more, time and energy as other jobs. The problem lies in marketing. Not many stay-at-home business owners are that adept with the marketing side of things.

But through social media, it allows people to have a wider net to cast. It's easier for them to interact with many potential customers and even market their products without having to build a dedicated website.

Better Access to Information

I remember when I was in elementary school and the teacher asked each one of us to report on one of the planets of our solar system. The textbook I had offered very little information on any of the planets other than a general description. I had to turn to other means.

I pulled out a volume of our ancient encyclopedia where I got most of the information I needed. When it was my turn to present, the teacher had to stop me halfway to correct that Jupiter does not have 23 moons but has 44 based on an article she recently read.

This used to be the case among a lot of people. We only had to rely on printed material to get new information about a lot of things but not anymore. Because of the rise of the internet, we get recent reports, news, and developments around the world almost as quickly as it was published.

Social media stepped it up a notch by giving people the power to share that information quite easily. Through social media, people get information that could potentially improve their lives and those of others. Social media also offers a platform in which people are free to interact, discuss, and communicate about a lot of different topics.

Instant Support

It used to be that when I have had a rough day at school, I had a very limited option to vent my frustrations. If it wasn't with my close friends, it was with my parents. They offered support, of course, but nothing compared to what we have now. It first started with Facebook. It used to be that people only comment on what they're currently doing.

They've since changed that to reflect what they're thinking about. Now, it seems everyone has turned Facebook into their little dose of a therapy session. They voice their concerns, problems, and frustrations and they get support and encouragement by friends, family and even by random strangers.

Even those with an existing strong support system has benefited from using social media to bridge the distance gap. In my case, one of my best friends lives abroad and in a different time zone.

Whenever I experience a particularly rough day, a simple post or update I make on my social media accounts and she's immediately on the phone calling to check up on me. I think that's the power of social media. We aren't only limited at making friends to those within a particular area but we're given the freedom to interact with others on a different side of the world.

Wrapping it Up

Social media is still in its infancy. There is a good chance that it, too, will evolve as people learn to navigate their way through it. But those who are calling a boycott to social media, I think, have completely missed the point of it.

Its primary point has always been to connect people closer than ever before and to keep that connection intact. It can be wielded in a different way but you always have the option of limiting the number of friends you accept or unfollowing those you deem doesn't add value to your life.

Anthony Blair is an ardent blogger who loves to write about travel, costume play, fiction and more. She spends her free time enjoying reading, fencing, archery, and cosplay! She is currently working with CosplayHero, the world's leading online Cosplay Shop for costumes, which provide complete one-stop shopping for all cosplayers and all special events like Halloween, Carnival and more.
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